The Project

Table for 26 is an ambitious project created by percussionist Jeff Willet while working on his solo album. While that process was musically fulfilling and challenging, with very large and intricate arrangements with many layers, he wanted to be able to perform live in a similar fashion with a group of like-minded musicians as well.

It started to come together when he met with violinist Thuy Nguyen, violist Hannah Richards, percussionist Emily Roane, and trombonist Aaron Buchanan one night at the Pizza Pub in Lansdale, PA (later to find that a MUCH better pizza could be had at Tony’s just down the road in North Wales, PA). After discussing some logistics and additional personnel, T426 was off and running.

The collective took on more members to expand their sound palette and eventually became the 14-piece group it currently is: a six-piece string section, two guitarists, two percussionists, keyboards, saxophone/flute, bass, and vocals. T426 started with a variety of covers, arranged by Jeff Willet and Aaron Buchanan, working towards the group’s first video session, recorded at a home studio along with the skilled eye of John Welsh and Rare Light Media.

Table for 26 is looking to perform at various music festivals and local music hot spots around the Philadelphia and tri-state area. New & original music is in the works that showcases the band’s musical diversity and highlights the unique sounds, textures, and rhythms from this impressive musical undertaking.

Be on the lookout for videos and new music on the way soon!