Canvas by Imogen Heap

“Canvas” is a breathtaking and inspiring song from Imogen Heap’s 2009 release, Ellipse. This is actually the song that made our percussionist Jeff Willet really push to start Table for 26, in hopes of playing it with the group. We all have such an enormous respect for Imogen Heap, and this song in particular is so very delicate, dynamic, meaningful, and intricate, so we all put a lot of work into how we wanted to present it. We’re hoping it comes across as such to you as well. Table for 26 is a large-scale musical collective from Philadelphia, PA USA, looking to bring the darker side of pop and alternative music to the main stage with six string players, two guitarists, two percussionists, saxophone/flute, bass, keys, and vocals. We’ve selected some great songs to work with, and are always in the studio working on more material! Follow us for more videos, merch, and live show announcements! All licensing acquired through

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